A portrait of the artist

I am a self-taught artist from Stockholm that loves to paint abstract art inspired by nature. By using the green and blue colours from nature I want to create a harmonious feeling for the observer. I love to use all techniques such as acrylic, oil and watercolour. I also do graphic illustrations.

On the side I have studied Fine Art at Beckmans College of Design and Fashion Design at the IED in Milan. I currently work in the fashion industry but I have always had a passion for art and to give the world more colours.

”Inspiration comes from different gardens I visit"

I like to explore the mix of the impressionism's brushstrokes together with the feelings and colours from abstract expressionism. The combined techniques give the painting a deeper and more intense look. Inspiration comes from different gardens I visit or from images and colours I see within myself. 

”I want people to discover their own art by looking at mine”

I paint partly because I want people to discover their own art by looking at mine. I think art is an extended arm to our unconscious. Art makes us reach our inner thoughts and express them on a piece of paper. For every painting I do I get to know myself better.
Welcome to my world of colours.

Best regards,

Lillie Erhardt